by Jargon Writer

Writing my way to becoming a freelancer


As I work my way through How to start a home-based Writing Business by Lucy Parker, the goal is to gain writing clips and samples (preferably from paid projects). As I do so, I will add them here. However, I am not a complete rookie. In the last year I have had over 40 articles published in nationally distributed magazines and have worked with several clients to develop marketing kits, press releases, PR Materials, web content and sales letters. I have held my current full-time position for two years, and plan to continue working with that company for the foreseeable future. However, my goal is to also build a profitable freelance writing business on the side. For more on this, check out my Goals page.

Links since starting this blog:
Choosing Your First Post Dorm-Room Home – (yet to be posted)
We’ve Decided to go with Another Writer – ABC Copywriting
Making Peace from the War Within – Lemons to LLamas
Personal Branding – Improve Your Google-Ability
Extended Online Resume via Jobspice
A Place to Start – We the ‘Bistro

A Few client pieces I’ve done:
Tri-Fold Brochure (design by Lori Fagerholm)
Press Release
Company Bio
Sales Letter

A few of my “early” links, oldest to newest (from before I started this blog):
5 Questions I Didn’t Know to ask, Lindsey Pollak’s Blog
Words on Publishing & How to get there (My first blog)
At What Price?, Pet Business Magazine
The Ethical Dilemma of When to Publish News, Student Pulse



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