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Writing my way to becoming a freelancer


I’m going to work on building a freelance business, following How to Start a Home-based Writing Business, by Lucy Parker. On this blog I’ll chronicle my progress through her book following her tips and advice.

Why Jargon?
Jargon is terminology which is especially defined in relationship to a specific activity, profession, or group…In other words, the term most often covers the language used by people who work in a particular area or who have a common interest (from Wikipedia).
To me, jargon represents the idea of an exclusive club, a group of people who have had to develop a shared but uncommon vocabulary in order to communicate on a professional level. I want to break into that club.

A little about me:
My name is Melissa Breau. I am a freelance writer and editor specializing in business content. I currently work full-time as an associate/web editor at a business to business magazine company. I have a masters of science in publishing from Pace University. For more info, check out my Portfolio page.


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