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What I learned at the Newspaper: the Power of ObservationI have said the most important part of writing is research. Mehul clearly disagreed with me in the comments the other day, so I offer up this piece as conciliation: I have revised my opinion. The most important part of writing is NOT research; instead, it’s observation. Seeing what you are looking at, rather than just looking past it. In this piece Lindsey explains how her job at a newspaper in Mexico.

If you like reading my stuff, you may like reading Freelance Switch, a site about all things writing and freelance based. I found their pieces interesting, well written, relevant and well… helpful. One article I particularly liked was 7 Tips for Marketing Your Freelance Business Offline, which is about how a trip to Wholefoods can get you some business.

How to Use Weasel Words to Bend the Truth – Words aren’t so much about what your write as they are about what the reader reads. Words mean a lot more than their definition, especially in marketing. This is a great piece that breaks down some marketing lingo and clarifies the difference between its definition and it’s connotation. A Great piece. (Tom may be doing a guest post in the near future!).

Three Mistakes You Should Avoid Making – Even writers aren’t perfect. But Lindsey’s tip for getting one step closer is to realize where you commonly fail, and actively work to correct those flaws. A great read for freelancers everywhere – know that even creative jobs require equal parts inspiration and skill. Also, check out the book I recommended in my comment on the piece – Woe Is I by Patricia O’Conner – it’s a great read for refreshing your grammar!

Design Better Websites By Thinking About Your Kitchen Cabinets – Designing a website is like organizing your kitchen cabinets. It’s all about UI, and you have to work within the space constraints. A quick read, but well worth it. This metaphor is simply perfect – and this piece, while driving home the idea of web design, also represents creative endeavors at large in a way that’s both simple and brilliant.


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  1. Wonderful roundup as usual, Melissa. Something I love about the internet is that if you read enough qualified, intelligent people, you get access to their great discoveries without doing the work yourself. That sounds lazy but I mean it as a compliment. Such a joy to know, in advance, that your links are worth clicking!

    Thank you for including my post, as well – that’s extremely flattering. I need to prepare a recurring roundup in the same vein so I can share the wealth!

    I love the last link especially – going to go share it with my (designer) husband now. I like when good metaphors collide with good design principle!

    Comment by lindseydonner | March 19, 2010 | Reply

  2. @Lindsey Thanks for the shining endorsement! I like link round ups for exactly that reason – when they are good, they are generally really good and I can spend quite some time reading the different posts! Besides, if i didn’t do this then I’d have to write posts responding to each one so I could share them, and then I wouldn’t have time to blog about anything else!

    Comment by mbreau | March 19, 2010 | Reply

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